Part-time flexible Psychotherapist

JOB SUMMARY:  Under supervision of an administrator in the outpatient clinic, the incumbent of this position provides psychotherapy to children and their caregivers, as well as adults referred to the Agency’s outpatient behavioral health service.

Given that part-time flexible therapists work on a supplemental, as-needed basis, there are no guaranteed work hours and schedules. However, therapists are required to have a minimum of ten (10) clients unless otherwise agreed upon.

Part-time flexible therapists must strive for the delivery of best clinical practices in the field, including engaging clients in the development of their own treatment/service plans (and quarterly updates), and discharge plans during regular counseling sessions.  S/he is also expected to complete progress notes and outcome measurement surveys, as well as review and obtain signatures on client attendance sheets during counseling sessions. Attendance sheets must be submitted immediately following the completion of each counseling session held. Progress notes must be completed/cancelled within 48 hours of the session.

Part-time flexible therapists are paid for billable services (kept appointments) only and at a higher hourly wage in order to compensate them for routine work-related activities such as placing occasional telephone calls to their clients or other collateral contacts, checking their work-related emails or other forms of internal mail, and completing routine client-related correspondence and documentation.  It is expected that all clients will be seen at least three times a month.

Part-time flexible therapists receive additional compensation for the following work- related duties:  Attendance at agency-required orientation and training sessions (based on the established training hourly rate); participation at regularly scheduled supervisory conferences (based on the established supervision rate); and completion of psychotherapist reports for Court-related purposes (based on the negotiated hourly rate for clinical services).  These additional activities must be reflected on the employee’s bi-weekly time sheet and approved by their assigned supervisor.

QUALIFICATIONS:  This position requires at least a master’s degree in psychology, clinical social work, counseling or a related discipline from an accredited college or university, and experience doing psychotherapy in an outpatient, partial hospital or residential setting.  S/he must also demonstrate an understanding of providing clinical services in a managed-care environment and willingness to provide treatment and work within that system.  In addition, the incumbent must practice sensitivity to the cultural and socioeconomic differences present among the Agency’s defined-service population.