Registered Nurse

JOB SUMMARY: The part-time Registered Nurse Assessor is responsible for assessing clients, determining staff competency and maintaining client satisfaction with care givers. The Registered Nurse Assessor is supervised and annually evaluated by the Program Director of Pinebrook Family Answers Homemaker-Health Aide Services. This position involves oversight of HHA clients and HHA staff.

QUALIFICATIONS: RN license is a must . Graduate of school of nursing accredited by national League for Nursing and experience in the field of home health care and gerontology. Familiarity of Lehigh Valley area is necessary. High organizational skills; excellent written and spoken communication skills (including clarity, decisiveness and flexibility); ability to effectively respond to the needs of individuals and groups, as well as to portray and maintain professional boundaries; familiarity with and skills in dealing with families, mental health clients, issues and human service delivery systems; the commitment to empowering others to solve their own problems; valuing a nurturing family as the ideal environment for a person; conviction about the capacity of people to grow and change; awareness and sensitivity to the service population’s culture and socioeconomic characteristics; ability to establish a respectful relationship with persons served to help them gain skills and confidence; the ability to work collaboratively with other personnel and/or service providers or professionals; the capacity to maintain a helping role and intervene appropriately to meet service goals; own transportation and clean driving record.