Patrick’s Story

Patrick was 16 years old when the anger he had been carrying around for some time eventually led to his involvement with the Juvenile Justice System and admission to a residential treatment hospital. Upon his discharge from the hospital in August 2011, Patrick was referred to Pinebrook’s Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) Host Home Program and placed with a family who worked well with adolescent males. At that time, Patrick wasn’t ready to return home to his own family; however, family work sessions started immediately. Through a variety of therapeutic interventions, including individual and family therapy, Patrick continued to make steady progress at his CRR Host Home, which resulted in the planning for his successful transition back home. Family-Based Mental Health Services was determined by all parties involved to be key in Patrick’s successful transition back home.

Today, Patrick is living with his family and is continuing to work on his anger and the need to be truthful to himself and others. The family uses the acronym RESPECT as a means to achieve their goals: Responsibility, Exceptional behavior, Set the goals, Participation, Encouragement, Corresponding with each other and Try to be good to each other. Patrick’s mother feels more empowered and supported as a parent, and together with her partner Steve, hold Patrick and his brother Zach more accountable for their own behavior.

Accepting Changes

“A lot has changed for me actually…I have a better outlook on things. I still sometimes lie a little bit but I’m getting a lot better at being more honest. I take more responsibility, and have been learning how to deal with my anger. There are no more surprises with the rules. It’s a lot stricter, but it helps…there is less leeway of getting into trouble.” – Patrick

Family-Based Team Member Notes

“Their natural supports are definitely each other. I can tell mom is a lot more confident. You can see the parents talking and they do a great job parenting together.”

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