Become a Compeer Volunteer

Become a Compeer VolunteerAre you interested in becoming a Compeer volunteer? Read about how our program works.If it seems like a good fit for you, follow the steps to submit an application.

What does the Compeer of the Lehigh Valley program do?

The Compeer of the Lehigh Valley Program matches adults who are living with mental illness with community volunteers to create intentional friendships with the goal of reducing isolation and loneliness.

How often do volunteers meet with their friend?

Volunteers will meet with their friend once a week for an hour at mutually convenient times. Some matches choose to meet once every two weeks for two hours. All matches are unique and scheduling is flexible. With the help of Compeer of the Lehigh Valley, you and your friend will set your own schedule.

What do volunteers and friends do during this time?

Time is spent sharing activities you both enjoy, such as movies, sports, going for walks in good weather, shopping, coffee and a chat, or many of the free activities available in your area.

How do you apply to be a volunteer?

Look through the volunteer requirements listed below. If all apply to you, then you can download and print an application and mail to the address on the form or complete the online form below.

Requirements to be a Compeer Volunteer

Please look over the following requirements to see if volunteering with Compeer of the Lehigh Valley is a good fit for you.

  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You have a valid driver’s license.
  • You are willing to provide or apply for a background check and driving record.
  • You are available at least once a week for about an hour.
  • You are able to attend a training session at Pinebrook Family Answers prior to volunteering.

If all of the volunteer requirements apply to you please download and print the Volunteer Application and mail to:

Pinebrook Family Answers

Compeer of the Lehigh Valley

Attn: Volunteer Coordinator

402 N. Fulton Street

Allentown PA 18102

Or complete the online form below.

Check out our Upcoming Volunteer Training Dates.

Contact Information

Please list any other names or aliases you have used i.e. maiden name (for background check only)
Date of Birth: *
Current Address:*
Home Phone:*
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Best Method to Reach You:*

For Students

Student Home Address:

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name:*
Relationship To You:
Emergency Contact Address:
Emergency Contact Daytime Phone:*
Emergency Contact Evening Phone:*
Emergency Contact E-mail:

Tell Us About Yourself

Please complete the following questions to let us know about your interest in volunteering.

What interests you about volunteering with Compeer of the Lehigh Valley?*
How did you learn about Compeer?*
What is your previous volunteer experience?*
What are some leisure activities which you enjoy that you would like to share with a friend?*

Personal References

We require three (3) personal references that can comment on your ability to serve as a volunteer. Personal references cannot be a relative or reside in the same household.

Reference 1 Name:*
Reference 1 Relationship to You:*
Reference 1 Address:*
Reference 1 Daytime Phone:*
Reference 1 Evening Phone:*
Reference 1 E-mail:*
Reference 2 Name:*
Reference 2 Relationship to You:
Reference 2 Address:*
Reference 2 Daytime Phone:*
Reference 2 Evening Phone:*
Reference 2 E-mail:*
Reference 3 Name:*
Reference 3 Relationship to You:
Reference 3 Address:*
Reference 3 Daytime Phone:*
Reference 3 Evening Phone:*
Reference 3 E-mail:*

Professional Reference & Work History

Please list your last two (2) employers, beginning with your current employer. If retired,please list last employer. For full-time students, please provide one (1) references from your school experience. The reference cannotbe a relative or reside in the same household.

Employer 1: *
Employer 1 Address:*
Employer 1 Phone: *
Supervisor 1: *
Employer 1 Date Started:*
Employer 1 Date Ended:
Employer 2:
Employer 2 Address:
Employer 2 Phone:
Employer 2 Supervisor:
Employer 2 Start Date:
Employer 2 End Date:

Agreement of Terms

Please complete and read the following carefully and sign on the line provided:

Are You 18 Years of Age or Older?*
Do you have a vehicle?*
Do You Have a Current Dirver's License?*
Driver's License Number:*
Has your license ever been suspended?*
State(s) Suspended:
Please Explain Reason for Suspension:*
Do you have auto insurance?*
Have you ever been convicted of a crime (except minor traffic violations)?*
If yes, give date and nature of charge and conviction:*
Are there any misdemeanor/felony charges pending against you now?*
If yes, please give nature of charge:*

I understand and fully acknowledge that, in volunteering for Compeer of the Lehigh Valley I am entering an AT WILL relationship and that this relationship can be terminated at anytime by Compeer, Inc. or me.

I further understand by signing this agreement, I give permission to Compeer of the Lehigh Valley to contact references and to check driving and/or criminal background. I understand that I may have to give additional information to Compeer, Inc. to secure such records.

It is my understanding that all information I provide to Compeer of the Lehigh Valley is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.I understand that giving false information may be sufficient cause for immediate dismissal.

I further understand that I will be asked to undergo training, where applicable, for Compeer of the Lehigh Valley.

I understand that, as a volunteer, I will help my Compeer friend to the best of my ability in accordance with the policies of the agency and will maintain complete confidentiality concerning all information on Compeer friends.I further understand that submission of a completed application, along with an interview by a Compeer staff person, does not obligate me to accept, or Compeer to assign, a volunteer opportunity.

Volunteer Electric Signature:*