Employee Assistance Program

Pinebrook Family Answers offers Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that can provide a full range of services to employee groups of all sizes: comprehensive confidential assessment, counseling and treatment planning, managed referral services, management consultation and training, employee seminars, mediation services, and crisis intervention.

It is often difficult to balance work and personal life, and even harder when a problem is looming. It can be hard to conceal the conflicts and challenges so common in today’s fast-paced world. Therefore, Pinebrook Family Answers contracts with employers to provide our services to employees through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Employee confidentiality is maintained following the guidelines prescribed in the HIPAA law and the ethical standards of our accrediting bodies and professional organization. Employers are not aware of specific employees visiting a counselor, decisions made or problems discussed (except in cases where the client has been mandated to counseling by the employer). In most cases, nothing is reported to employers except statistics reflecting usage.

With our assistance, employers develop an EAP plan that fits their need. They pay for services only when services are used by their employees. There are no retainer fees in our contracts.

All of our clinicians are master’s level therapists. The clinical staff has a wide diversity of theoretical and practical orientations, with training in individual, family, and work-related problems. They have a full knowledge of available community and regional resources to meet specific needs. As an EAP provider, we must provide the employee with an initial assessment of their particular problem or situation and then explain their options and the resources available and if appropriate, make referrals.

Initial counseling through the EAP benefit is provided at no cost to the employee. The employer covers the cost for a dedicated number of sessions. The contract developed between the employer and Pinebrook Family Answers determines how and/or what happens at the end of that number. An employer may decide to extend the sessions or they may have Pinebrook Family Answers verify insurance coverage or assist with a referral elsewhere.

For more information about establishing an Employee Assistance Plan for your company, call Leslie Ten-Broeck at 610-432-3919 ext 1177 or email gro.v1516403371lafbP1516403371@kceo1516403371rbnet1516403371l1516403371.