Family Transportation and Visitation Program (TVP)

The Family Transportation and Visitation Program (TVP) is a collaborative program designed to provide transportation to and supervision of visitation between children in substitute care and their non-custodial parents or other relatives. This is accomplished by:

  • Providing transportation for the children and/or families to designated places for their visits. These could include the biological family’s residence, a relative’s home, a Pinebrook Family Answers or County Children and Youth office, a residential facility, or other specified locations, including sites outside the family’s county of residence. Visits can occur during weekdays, weeknights, holidays and weekends at a time mutually agreed upon by Pinebrook, the Children and Youth agency and the family.
  • Supervising or monitoring the visit and making appropriate interventions throughout the visit to ensure the emotional and physical safety of the participants. If close supervision of a family were not warranted, staff would nevertheless remain in close proximity to the visit site to be available to the family and children, if needed.

We offer additional support to families through a Visit Coaching program which is a best practice model of choice in visitation for children in out-of-home placement and their families. Helping children in placement cope with separation from family and supporting safe reunification, services include “facilitative supervision” of visits that would include parenting skills education, coaching and modeling of appropriate parental behavior. In addition to the visit session, pre-visit and post-visit coaching sessions occur with the parent. Written reports are provided after each visit and court testimony is available.

For more information, please contact Melissa Hughes, Program Supervisor, at 610-559-8151 or email gro.V1516403356LAFbP1516403356@sehg1516403356uhm1516403356.

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