Family Services

Parenting Classes

  • Parenting Inside-Out is an evidence-based, parent-training program specifically for parents in the criminal justice system. By learning parenting skills, mothers and fathers can positively impact their children and break the cycle of criminality. Topics include child development, emotion regulation, effective discipline techniques, child safety, physical and mental health and effective limit setting. This 12-week curriculum includes lectures, group discussion and group activities. Parents participate voluntarily or by referral.
  • Nurturing Parenting Program for Teen Parents, uses a group-based model consisting of two, two-hour sessions per week with 70 minutes dedicated to parenting skills and 50 minutes to self-nurturing skills. The program is registered with the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare and is listed among the programs in the FRIENDS National Resource Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention’s Program Directory. The teen parenting curriculum promotes knowledge of parenting, child development, social connections and parental resilience. It aligns with strategies relating to furthering children’s social and emotional development, and strengthening and supporting parenting.

Parenting Services

Parent Support Groups

A parent support group provides a safe environment in which parents can learn to cope with the daily difficulties of child rearing. While support groups are professionally facilitated, they also are parent-driven, based on the mutual support and concern of parents for one another. With the support of the facilitator, parents structure the content to fit their immediate needs. Sessions are ongoing and participants may join at any time for as long as they want and may remain anonymous. Groups are affiliated with the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance.

Supervised Visitation

Parents who participate in parenting classes while in Lehigh and Northampton county jails are permitted to have contact visits with their children. This is vitally important because it minimizes the impact of separation on children. Pinebrook Family Answers staff supervises contact visits, reinforcing positive behaviors learned during parenting classes and guiding parents so they can improve interactions with their children. As part of the process of reunifying families, our staff also supervises visitations by parents who are not incarcerated but are involved with children and youth authorities.

In-Home Visitation

During in-home visitations, women at risk of abuse and/or neglect of their children receive intensive, individualized parenting and child development services. Services include one-on-one instruction, role modeling of parenting skills and the opportunity to practice positive discipline strategies. During the visit, a family specialist assesses the child’s social, emotional and behavioral needs and provides age-appropriate play and pro-social activities.