Youth Services


Youth Services

Research shows that young people who do poorly in school are at a higher risk for delinquency than their peers who do well. ALPHA instills in its students the value of learning, motivating some of our community’s most disenfranchised youth, all of whom are on probation in Lehigh County and have either dropped out of school or have been expelled from school, to make positive changes in their young lives. The goal of ALPHA is to reduce recidivism among the students it serves by providing them with academic, behavioral, and job readiness services designed to prepare them to enter the workforce and succeed in life. This comprehensive 16-week program includes:

  • Assessment of educational functioning levels
  • Academic instruction in two tracks:  The GED preparation track and the academic remediation track
  • Life skills and behavioral instruction
  • Community outreach/victim impact projects
  • Crossroad JOBTECH job readiness instruction
  • Nurturing Parenting Program for Teen Parents  
  • HIV prevention education

Theft Remediation Services — StopLift

Juvenile shoplifters examine their personal motives for stealing, learn about the legal consequences of continuing to steal and gain skills to prevent a reoccurrence of the behavior. This intensive, one-day retail theft remediation class is modeled after the Minnesota Youth Intervention Program Association’s evidence-based program, Stolen Minutes. All instructors are trained and have experience working with at-risk youth. Juveniles are referred by District Judges and pay a $100 fee in lieu of a judicially-imposed fine. There is a $20 rescheduling fee added when a class is missed.  For more information, including class schedules and fees, please call 610-432-3919 ext 1179 or email gro.v1516403296lafbP1516403296@nero1516403296dnavl1516403296 Referrals may be made directly via fax at 610-841-0044. Please indicate on the fax that this is a referral for juvenileStopLift and provide all contact information for the individual being referred and the individual making the referral.